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When XXL Machines Get Even Bigger

When XXL Machines Get Even Bigger

When XXL Machines Get Even Bigger

DMG MORI gantry machines utilise igus energy chains with guidelok system.

For 100 years, DECKEL MAHO Pfronten has stood for precision machinery and tools. The company’s monoBLOCK, duoBLOCK, Portal and Gantry series cover all industries and dimensions—from the smallest component to XXL parts. The XXL Centre in Pfronten precisely manufactures workpieces that are up to 10 m long and weigh up to 150 tonnes. In the future, even longer ones should be achievable, since the modular design allows the X dimension to be extended.

DECKEL MAHO’s XXL Centre is where they manufacture the DMU 600 series large-part gantry. The hall has to be big because the machines have to be XXL, so that they can produce XXL components. The DMU 600, with its traversing gantry design, was originally developed for press tool construction. DMG MORI has enjoyed global success with this machine series and is currently planning an even bigger one.

Dr. Kai Gümperlein, head of XXL machine design and development, says, “We’re planning to expand the modular design so that we can work on components that are up to 20 m long.”

But he wants to retain the flexibility that is unparalleled at this size: the DMU 600 gantry has great cutting performance during roughing while at the same time achieving very fine, accurate surface finishes. This is advantageous when large tools are manufactured for plastic injection moulding.

New Solution for Flexible Energy Supply Systems

As part of the design revision, the gantry’s energy supply was re-designed. It is also XXL because it has to transport the motor cables for the traversing drives; powerful tools and media cables for cooling lubricant, hydraulic oil and compressed air; and a large number of signal cables.

Reverse XXL Chains with Upper Run guidelok Guidance

In the future, two reverse chains with centre infeed will supply energy. The advantage here is the reduced chain length, which reduces pressure drop in the media cables. Both chains are also very accessible, and the defined interface allows easy installation of the chain packages, which are also XXL: the R4.112 chain with its 400-mm inner width is among the largest that the very extensive igus range has to offer. Another advantage of the new solution is that the guide trough is placed in a raised position on the control cabinet. This reduces the installation space required and allows transport to the set-up point in a guide cage as a unit. This saves time during on-site installation.

Central Advantage: The Modular Principle

The central advantage from DMG MORI’s point of view is the new solution’s modular principle. Gümperlein says, “Now we can use the same basic design for all previous variants with six, eight or ten metres of installation space and for even bigger machines in the future. All we need to do is extend the travel and the chain.”

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