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With WIKUS WIstore, buyers save time and money through automated ordering processes, and benefit from its digital analysis feature.

With WIKUS WIstore, buyers save time and money through automated ordering processes, and benefit from its digital analysis feature.

WIKUS WIstore Enables Automated and Dynamic Reordering Processes

With the WIstore, WIKUS-Sägenfabrik is launching a digital service solution for automated and dynamic reordering processes based on RFID technology. The service makes the buying process and the logistics more cost-effective and provides a transparent, always up-to-date overview of the stock holdings as well as consumption analyses.

“Processes such as ordering or stocktaking do not contribute directly to value creation,” said Michael Möller, CEO and CSO of the WIKUS group of companies. “Many businesses therefore complain about the time and money these manual processes cost them. Digital service solutions are becoming increasingly important in order to operate efficiently. Tool management tools such as the WIstore dynamically provide optimum supply and availability security and therefore ensure that a company’s production processes run smoothly.”

Users need only minimal hardware from WIKUS to be able to use the WIstore: an RFID reader, which looks like a mini-computer with a display, and a corresponding RFID antenna. The latter is built into an IP68-certified indoor and outdoor rubber mat. As it takes up very little space, it is easy to integrate into the existing production and warehouse facilities. Otherwise, all that is needed is a reliable mobile network or Wi-Fi connection and a power point.

The products and parcels are equipped with an RFID tag. All products received by the customer as well as the products that they have taken from their stock and used are automatically recorded, including all product-specific details, and this information is then transmitted to WIKUS. All stock movements therefore happen not only physically on the company premises but are also recorded in the WIstore, where they can be viewed online via the portal.

When the stock of a particular item falls below the agreed threshold quantity, a reorder for this item is triggered automatically and then delivered by WIKUS. This ensures ongoing optimum efficiency of the reordering process, because as little capital as possible is tied up in surplus stock holdings.

Customers can log onto the WIstore online portal and get an overview of important key stock movement figures, for example, with the aid of various evaluation and analysis features.



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