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YG1 Unveils New Generation Captive Indexable Drill

YG-1 Unveils New Generation Captive Indexable Drill

YG-1 launches X-Drill, an excellent machining tool with high performance for drilling work

The new X-Drill allows for the use of all four corners to reduce costs and increase efficiency at the same time. Designed with YG-1’s proprietary technology for optimal chip evacuation, the twist Internal Coolant system and chip breaker surface are designed for smooth chip evacuation. Make the work process stable and accurate.

The YG713 grade in X-Drill is designed to provide optimum performance for a wide range of workpiece materials. have a longer service life It also has a stable lifespan compared to general grades. 

Insert & Holders Key Technology

  • Wave-shaped cutting edge: Utilizes all four corners effectivity
  • Wave-shaped cutting edge : Optimized in all 4 corners
  • Optimal chip breaker: Improved chip evacuation capability
  • The chip breaker is suitable: allows for better chip drainage.
  • Wedge-shaped dual-sided structure: Enhanced clamping force
  • Wedge-shaped structure on both sides: increases gripping force
  • Identical shape for center/periphery inserts:Cost Saving Tools
  • Same shape for both the center and periphery inserts: Helps save costs.

Key Technology  Drill Holder

High hardness and optimized material application: Improved durability of drill body
High strength and optimized material selection: Improved body durability.

Twisted Coolant Channels:

1. Wide chip flutes for improved chip evacuation
2. Reinforced holder rigidity with a larger web thickness

Twisted Coolant Channels:

1. Wide chipbreaker : for good chip evacuation
2. Strengthen the Holder with more web thickness.

  • Surface Treatment: Enhanced chip evacuation capability
  • Surface Treatment: Improve chip discharge capability
  • Enhanced pocket: Stable cutting with strong clamping
  • Enhanced pocket Pellet pocket : Enhanced cutting stability with a strong grip.


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